Mon, Nov 18, 2019

Share Knowledge, Good Times & Make Friends For Life With 250+ Digital Nomads As We Cruise From Barcelona To Recife In November ’19


This trip is especially designed for Nomad Cruise first timers with a proven program of Keynotes, Talks, Masterminds and many more exciting Specials.

In November 2019, our famous Transatlantic cruise will be back to take you on a skill sharing journey, and far away from the European winter. Connect and collaborate on a thirteen-day cruise that will change your life and your perspective.

You’ll meet like-minded people, broaden your horizons, learn from inspiring talks and workshops, engage in thought-provoking discussions and get involved in masterminds on every topic. 

Nomad Cruise Program

We believe that sharing knowledge, skills and experience is the foundation of an open-spirited community on board. To create an environment of cooperative learning and developing, we organize talks, workshops, and meet-ups. No limits, but new horizons every day.

A day on Nomad Cruise

We start the day with a hearty breakfast, before the first curated talk. After lunch, there is time for hands-on workshops and larger meet-ups every day. The afternoon hours can be used for smaller meet-ups, work-out sessions and more socializing by the pool. After watching the sunset on the top deck, we will migrate to the hold of the ship to have dinner together, go for a drink to the bars and later hit the dance floor. Sleep. Repeat.

  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Meetups
  • Masterminds
  • Island Excursions
  • Networking

The Route

Departing from Barcelona on November 18th, we encourage everyone to arrive a few days early to see all that this Spanish city hub has to offer. From there we will stop in Gibraltar, Tenerife and Cape Verde before making our final passage across the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil.

On land as well as on board: We’ll have the best time ever! Because on this trip there will be even more opportunities for you to get involved in the program. Get ready for amazing Keynote Speakers, 30-Second Pitches, Nomad Cruise Talent Show, Deep Connection Workshop and many, many more.

After all this, finalmente, we’ll land in Recife. Woop woop! And Brazil is where you can join us at reunions in beautiful beach towns including our final reunion on New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro!

18.11. Departure / Day 1: Barcelona

19.11. / Day 2: At Sea
20.11. / Day 3: Gibraltar
21.11. / Day 4: At Sea
22.11. / Day 5: Tenerife
23.11. / Day 6: At Sea
24.11. / Day 7: At Sea
25.11. / Day 8: Mindelo
26.11. / Day 9: At Sea
27.11. / Day 10: At Sea
28.11. / Day 11: At Sea
29.11. / Day 12: At Sea

30.11. Arrival / Day 13: Recife

The Community

We love people. The ever growing Nomad Cruise community is probably what we are the proudest of. Over the course of the first cruises, we have realized that the moment of arrival in our final port is never really the end. It’s the beginning of something new:

Your new friends will travel with you. They might even become friends for life. After our first cruise to Brazil we met up in small beach towns in Brazil, celebrated New Years in Rio de Janeiro, and many of us are still working and traveling the world together. After the second cruise, most of us stayed in Lisbon a little longer before going to Porto, the Algarve or Barcelona in smaller groups. After the third cruise over 100 Nomads headed to Cabarete to celebrate Christmas together.

Become part of this community. We doubt that you’ll ever regret it.


Like any great event does, we also curate the program carefully to ensure diversity in talks and this is pretty much the kind of thinking we apply to the cruise as a whole too. This is why joining the Nomad Cruise is by invite only.

We want to make sure that there is the best possible mix of people and professions, to ensure that each person who joins us has the opportunity to learn from and engage with a community of people rich in contrast, both in culture and experience. We promise this really makes the group more vibrant and the cruise all that more exciting!