Wed, Oct 23 · 10:00

As a result of cloud adoption, user mobility and global expansion, your business has inevitably changed. Now your branch offices and mobile users are going directly to the cloud for their app and data needs.
To keep control of your apps and protect the data within them, your security architecture must match your rapid cloud transformation. The problem is, even though you may be ready, your security architecture may not.
We will be hosting an in-person workshop in your area on September 17th at 9:00 a.m.
- Registration and welcome
- Presentation - security enable your journey to the cloud
- Hands-on lab — Secure branch offices and mobile users - Mobile users go direct to Cloud
- Branch offices go direct to Cloud
- Prisma Access Administration
- Lunch
- Hand-on lab – Secure SaaS applications
- Cloud application visibility and control
- Cloud application data protection and compliance
- Prisma SaaS administration
- Games and prizes
Join our Cloud Security In Motion workshop for hands-on experience to learn how to accelerate your journey to the cloud while gaining unrivaled risk visibility and governance across data and applications.

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