Thu, Nov 14, 2019 · 11:00

“Security teams are facing over 174,000 alerts per week on average and are able to review only around 12,000 of them.” – Demisto*

Incomplete, inaccurate alerts and manual investigations slow down even the greatest teams. Additionally, the abundance of detection and response tools has contributed to an increase in response times in recent years. This makes automation powered by artificial intelligence the key to addressing these challenges and advancing your security operations team.

With more threat actors automating attacks – and using low-cost computing to increase their attack volume, speed and efficiency – we must work smarter. Security operations teams need tools and visibility that allow them to pivot from reactive to proactive threat management.

At this 90-minute event, you’ll learn how automation and machine learning help your team:

- Eliminate manual tasks by stitching together network, endpoint and cloud data
- Apply today’s learning to improve tomorrow’s detection and response
- Accelerate investigation and response by reducing complexity
- Reduce false positives in detection across data sources
Learn how your security experts can magnify their efforts beyond alert triage to hunting threats, letting technology do the repetitive chores and freeing your team to make decisions.

*Demisto, The State of SOAR Report, 2018.



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