Tue, Oct 15, 2019 · 9:30

Specialist knowledge is required for the cyber security of companies with an automated production process. It is a profession in itself. BrainCap Cyber ​​Security and Palo Alto Networks therefore invite you to the Ultimate Test Drive for OT-security on October 15th. An event that focuses on the specific challenges within OT-security and on the possibilities to protect these complex environments as well as possible..
Insight in the morning, practice in the afternoon
In the morning we show how you gain insight into the production environment of your organization, where the business-critical systems are located. We show how you can make the separation between the OT and IT environment, while maintaining communication and how you can do this securely.
In the afternoon there is a hands-on workshop. Here the participants themselves experience how relatively easy it is to cause damage in an OT environment and how you can prevent this.

After this day you will have:
- Insight into the cyber risks of the business-critical, industrial environment
- Experience with the practical and smart solutions that are available for the special OT challenges
- Compliancy tools and handles for a thorough OT security policy

Who is this day for?
This OT security event is intended for IT managers, security network administrators, security managers, information security officers and directors working for organizations with an OT environment.
Other information
The event takes place in the Palo Alto Networks office in Amsterdam. It is possible to participate with several colleagues. Participation is free of charge. In the afternoon program you must use your own laptop. Register for this event via the form on this page. For more information, contact BrainCap Cyber ​​Security via communicatie@braincap.nl.
PS There are a limited number of places available so don't wait to register!

price 1: USD 0.00

Venue Details: Palo Alto Networks, De Entrée 99-197, Amsterdam, NH, 1101 HE, Netherlands