Sat, Jun 29
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The nearest airport is Brussels Airport (BRU). Upon arrival take the 681 or 682 bus to Perk Kerk (18 minutes). The festival site is an eight minute walk southeast from here. 


Vilvoorde railway station is accessible from most European cities but will most likely require at least one transfer along the way. Upon arrival take the 225 or 280 bus to Perk Driesstraat (10 minutes). The festival site is a 7 minute walk southeast from here.


FROM BRUSSELS: Take the E40 (35 minutes)

FROM ANTWERP: Take the E19 (40 minutes)

FROM GHENT: Take the E40 (70 minutes)

FROM MAASTRICHT: Take the E314 (80 minutes)

FROM EINDHOVEN: Take the E34 and E19 (90 minutes)

FROM DÜSSELDORF: Take the E314 (2 hours)

FROM COLOGNE: Take the A4 and E314 (2 hours 15 minutes)

This is an all ages festival. However, you must be 18 to buy alcohol and may be asked to show ID. 

The site has been setup with accessibility in mind, however not all areas are able to be wheelchair accessible.