Thu, Oct 24, 2019

With obliviousness, we dwell. And this exhibition aims to change this. 

In Paradoxity, we want to bring urgent concerns to the public eye in the form of an interactive art exhibition. Using New York City as a prototype, we take a few representative elements from it and transform them into a caricature that mocks the problems and paradoxes in the city. Our key themes are mapped around concepts such as anxiousness, human pollution, work pressure, and the loss of privacy.

Throughout the exhibition, we present our reflections upon both the ever-busy city life and the humanities through a variety of visual devices. While encouraging the viewers to take advantage of the art pieces and take many pictures, we also prompt them to explore these issues further; hopefully, they will arrive at a new understanding of the city they are living in. As a whole, this exhibition is not only a stopping point in people’s lives, but also the gateway to a life full of mindfulness and keen observation.