Fri, May 17 · 21:00

My name is Jay Gatsby. People know my name without knowing who I am. Together with my entourage I am traveling throughout Europe and the US to invite everyone, regardless of which background or age, into my glamorous residence, to Party like Gatsby.

My mission is to present you and your friends the most fun and magical evening of the year.

What is Party like Gatsby? It is party and madness. But there is much more behind this new breath-taking show concept. A fun and immersive experience - combining world class circus, cabaret, vaudeville and party. Expect 25+ artists, a stunning live-band together with the most talented resident DJ. Dress in your finest attire and inhale the magical spirit of glamour and madness.

Your old sport,

Jay Gatsby

Golden Twenties

Dive into an immersive experience through a magical night with Jay Gatsby in 1922.

Party & Madness

Have fun, dance and party all night long with your friends.

Show & Entertainment

Experience 25+ performers. Meet Gatsby's world class live-band, circus performers, entertainers and renown DJs.


Dress in your finest attire and inhale the magical spirit of glamour.

What is the event about?

The event series „Party like Gatsby“ was inspired by the world-famous novel „The Great Gatsby“ written by the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. Ever since, the novel has been filmed multiple times with the most recent screen adaption starring Leonardo DiCaprio. „The Great Gatsby“ centres around the young mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby. Jay became famous in his city foremost due to his mesmerizing parties that were hosted every weekend in his glamorous residence.

With the event series „Party like Gatsby“, we take up the idea of a glamorous event of the golden 20s and turn it into reality. Party like Gatsby is party and madness packed in a new show: An immersive experience combining world class circus, cabaret and theatre. Expect stunning live-bands and the most talented DJs combined with breath-taking entertainment. Dress up and inhale the magical spirit of Jay Gatsby's glamorous world.

What is the dresscode?

Since this event series represents the roaring 1920s, our guests are dressed in the styles of this era. However, a lovely dress for the lady and outstanding suit for the gentleman should also do the job. A 1920's dress code is required for entry. Please note that no jeans, sportswear or t-shirt are allowed. Entry is only granted in proper dress code. You can find inspiration on this website and especially on Jay Gatsby's Facebook and Instagram page.

What music will be played?

Jay Gatsby's weeks are busy. Every Friday when he comes home from another intense week, he loosens his tie, spins his phonograph and frees his mind with his most favourite songs. Some of them you will certainly hear again at any one of his parties.