Fri, Oct 26, 2018 · 11:00

New landscape & figure paintings by Peter Ashton Jones that explore truth and fiction in painting. Curated by Jemima Rose.

The exhibition title refers to the traditional parlour game that is associated most notably with the Victorian era. Latterly known as Blind Man's Bluff, Ashton Jones introduces ideas around wordplay, linguistic evolution, and slippages between fact and fiction from the outset. Buff is an old English word meaning tag or touch, and Ashton Jones uses his interpretation of the game and its semantic implications to create a framework when making this series.

Ashton Jones begins with the traditional notion of landscape painting being a window on to the world. His landscapes refer to real places in West Sussex where he grew up, but are not topographical accounts of that landscape. Rather, they are places in which painting is explored through light, rendering, layering and dynamics of line, form and colour; and operate, therefore, in a space between reality and imagination.

Ashton Jones' paintings might also recall his experience when in the landscape. 'The Roll Up' began with witnessing a grave digger from a train window that came to inspire a poem that he wrote in 1996 – 'I saw a gravedigger, filling in with only the idea of being left with the means of getting out.'

Another theme relates to the myth of Theseus' red ball of twine, which was given to him by Ariadne before entering the labyrinth to slay the Minotaur, in order to enable him to find his way back out.

Given the artificial nature of painting, what binds together the above themes, imagery and painterly language, is a questioning of what is real and what is fictional in a painting? Ashton Jones embeds narratives deriving from the personal to historical to mythological, in order to disperse clues that guide towards or away from a definitive destination.

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Artist / Speaker: Peter Ashton Jones.


Price: Free.