One-on-one private pickleball lessons for any level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced. I compete in regional competitions, and can teach you all the moves. Depending you your level, we will cover things as basic as the rules and scoring to more advanced skills such as slicing, dinks and working on the “third shot”. I’m am also more than willing to do semi-privates where you can bring your doubles partner and work on skills together.

I was a student-athlete on a full scholarship at the University of South Carolina. I was on the tennis team where I helped my team maintain a ranking in the top 5 for my last two years and won an SEC Championship my last year. Now I have made the transition from tennis to pickleball and I am playing and placing in the pro-division in pickleball tournaments. I want more tennis players to gain awareness of the sport and have an open mind to play because it is really worth it. It is not only easier on the body, but the rate of improvement in this sport is like no other. If you play on a regular basis, you should see a rapid inline in your skill level within a matter of weeks.

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