Sat, Jul 20 · 19:30

Pig Floyd is coming to the Thrasher-Horne Center! 8 amazing musicians, lights and lasers...performing the music of Pink Floyd. A hard rocking, must see show for Pink Floyd fans!

"An unbelievable show put on by amazing musicians." -Brooks Paxton, Shark Brothers Multimedia.

Pig Floyd is one of the most exciting Pink Floyd tribute shows performing in the USA today. Accurate, highly talented and with an energy that will electrify, Pig Floyd delivers the music of Pink Floyd in a way that their fans "want" to hear it...a driving rock rhythm that can be felt in their core.

The band strives to perform accurate recreations of the music of Pink Floyd and brings an edge to the stage like no other Pink Floyd tribute in the world. In addition to their musical performance driven by Ron Howard's cutting edge vocals, the band also delivers a noteworthy show which immerses their audience in lights and lasers.

The show starts at 7:30pm.
There is no opening act.

For more information about Pig Floyd, visit them:

Venue Name: Thrasher-Horne Center.

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Music.

Live Music | Rock,

Artist / Speaker: Pig Floyd.


Diamond: USD 56.00,
Platinum: USD 46.00,
Gold: USD 36.00,
Silver: USD 26.00,
DSOTM: USD 16.00.