Mon, Oct 14, 2019 · 9:00

There are 4.7 million adults in the uk who listen to any type of podcast. Compared to 75 million people in the u.s tuning in to podcasts every month. this number has tripled from 25 million, just 5 years ago

Understand the future of podcasting in the digital media age and how you need to capitalise and cash in
This is an interactive event packed full of valuable content and all the information you need to start building on this incredibly scalable business model.

- How to create a unique concept, a title that gets ranked, 15 ways to create great content that people love
11 ways to monetise your podcast
- How to host, list and syndicate your podcast far & wide on every platform. How to edit, full equipment set up (cost effective)
- How to launch to get to number 1; How to market your podcast, how to get great guests and celebrities for free
- How to merge podcasting into your life (30 mins x2 slots per week max)
- How to repurpose content of multi-channel listing/marketing with one take (one podcast; 10 media outlets
- Live Q&A sessions. Launch case studies (including success story behind the meteoric rise of The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast by Rob Moore)

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Artists / Speakers: Rob Moore, Khadija Khalifa.