Fri, Nov 15, 2019 · 9:00

Attending the Expert Speaker Discovery is possibly the fastest way to go from inexperienced speaker to a confident speaker.
During the event you’re taken by the hand and shown step-by-step the secrets to making memorable speeches which attract standing ovations. So afterwards you’ll be able to confidently speak. And boost your reputation as a speaker and be well-rewarded in the process.
Anyway, here’s a taste of what you’ll discover at the event:
• 5 common mistakes to avoid when speaking. One of them is overfill people’s heads with data and facts.
• When to speak for FREE… and still walk away with thousands of pounds.
• Most lucrative type of speech to give. Allows you to build a massive speaking business.
• The “exercise” secret that guarantees standing ovations. Not physical. Takes just minutes to do.
• You need courage to speak, right? Wrong. Why courage is the least of your concerns. And what’s more important instead.
• What the best speakers have that allows them to motivate, inspire and sell. Secret you can use too.
• The hidden architecture of every speech you give. Just include these 7 parts in every speech
• How to grab your audience’s attention immediately. Simply include one of these in the opening couple of minutes.
• Speech starting to go wrong? Use this utilization technique. Allows you to recover control – without losing the audience.
• Never forget your speech content with this Pentagon Content Model. Prevents any embarrassing pauses. Amazing!
• The “4 to 1 script” that allows you to emotionally connect with your audience. Presents you as a genuine, likeable person.
• 6 things to always include in your speech. One of them is to make your speech memorable.

So why be a speaker?...
How would you like to Build and Monetise the brand of you?
Stay accountable and motivated and gain huge financial and time leverage.
You could attract deals and JV partners and will boost your confidence getting better results.


General Admission: GBP 0.00

Artists / Speakers: Rob Moore, Mark Homer, Glenn Delve, Paul O'Mahoney, Kevin Mcdonnel