Sat, Jul 27, 2019 · 9:00

Fast Track to Wealth: a 1-day, hands-on training with live deal structuring taught by Ron LeGrand. You can start with no previous experience or license & make a lot of money buying & selling houses.

Come let Ron LeGrand show you how ordinary folks all over North America are making a lot of money in real estate without using their money or credit.

Who is Ron, And Why Should You Listen To Him?
Ron is the world's leading expert in quick turning residential real estate and he'll spend the day sharing how he makes millionaires.

Over the past 37 years, Ron has bought and sold over 3,000 single-family homes, and he still does 2-4 every month, now on auto-pilot with less than 2 hours a week of his time.

Ron tells it like it is, and those who follow his system make a lot of money, some become millionaires. He shows people the real business of buying and selling real estate with little or no money or credit and how to build a fortune quickly with his time-tested, proven, and trademarked techniques.

What you'll learn during this event:
Session I. Making Big Money With No Money Or Credit
Session II. Getting Rich In Your IRA Tax Free
Session III. Where To Find The Best Deals Even With Hot Competition
Session IV. How to Find Buyers Quickly So You Can Sell Houses Without Banks and Get Paid Within 30 days
Session V. Handling A Personal Financial Crisis

Here's what happens during the event:
Call Your Leads - Ron will bring mentors with him and they'll spend all morning calling your sellers and making deals for you.
Structure Your Deals - After lunch, Ron will go over the ones they reached and discuss exactly what you do next to get paid.
Completed Contracts - You'll leave with a completed contract on all the deals that can get done that day.

At the event, you'll also receive 12 incredible digital products, a Script Guide, plus FREE lunch and a t-shirt!

It's simple! If you don't take action now, the greatest opportunity to create wealth on The Fast Track may pass you by!

Ron has set aside a full day to share ALL of this information. You're invited to attend if you truly want to make this year your best year ever! Remember, it's called Fast Track To Wealth for a reason!

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