Thu, May 18, 2017 · 6:00

What will we be doing on this trip

  • Spend 16 days in Nepal
  • Explore busy and magic Kathmandu
  • Visit a monastery
  • Go to one of the first co-working places in Nepal
  • Fly to one of the wildest airports in the world in Lukla
  • Hike through villages
  • Stay at tea houses
  • Explore the big mountains
  • Hike to and stay at the amazing Everest Base Camp
  • Challenge yourself on one of the world's most amazing hikes

15 people | $ 2900/p

Why are we doing this trip

First of all: We love Nepal. We love the people, the culture and the mountains in Nepal and those things are more than enough for us to keep coming back.

Besides the above, hiking to Everest Base Camp, is one of the World’s most amazing hikes. You’ll be hiking through small, remote villages deep out on the mountain, stay in small tea houses and end up at Everest Base Camp.

Before going for the hike we will spend a few days in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, to get a feeling of the hectic and amazing city. In Nepal the whole startup community is so small, so we will also go to one of the first co-working spaces in Nepal to meet the founder to learn a bit about the community and development of businesses in Nepal.

We want to bring a group of like-minded, entrepreneurial people from across the world to share this amazing adventure. Travel is better when done with awesome people and mountains have this incredible ability to the perfect setting for real, meaningful conversation. All in all, we feel that we have a great combination. We just have one rule when creating trips and that is, that we have to be super excited about them ourselves and that’s why we’ve created this trip.