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Learn to live and die well. This retreat includes a Wrathful Kalachakra Empowerment and Kalachakra Phowa transmission.Each and every moment is a precious opportunity to awake to realize the essence of our true nature. “Bardo” simply means “between two existences,” and we experience a particular bardo depending on our stage in life. We are always in between one moment and the next. Although we are always in a bardo, there are six larger Bardos, transitional states of life and death, that are much easier to recognize. This is an extremely rare opportunity to study these ‘in-between’ states with a Tibetan Buddhist Rime Master. A special emphasis will be placed on how to understand and work with these states from the perspective of the highest yoga tantra, the Kalachakra Vajrayana Buddhist teachings. Theoretical explanations will be supplemented with transmission and practical guidance of Kalachakra Phowa. Along with the teachings, Khentrul Rinpoche will bestow the empowerment (jenang) of Vajravega, the wrathful form of Kalachakra.

All residential retreats cost include the teachings and empowerment, accommodations from Friday to Monday and vegetarian meals from dinner on Friday through breakfast Monday morning. Additional details available on the event website.

Shar Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö Rinpoché spent the first 20 years of his life herding yak and chanting mantras on the plateaus of Tibet. Inspired by the bodhisattvas, he left his family to study in a variety of monasteries under the guidance of over twenty-five masters in all the Tibetan buddhist traditions. Due to his non-sectarian approach, he earned himself the title of Rimé (unbiased) Master and was identified as the reincarnation of the famous Kalachakra Master Ngawang Chözin Gyatso. While at the core of his teachings is the recognition that there is great value in the diversity of all spiritual traditions found in this world; he focuses on the Jonang-Shambhala tradition.

Non-Residential Retreat: USD 160.76
Residential Retreat - Single Room: USD 510.85
Residential Retreat - Shared Room: USD 404.76

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