Mon, Jul 02, 2018 · 20:00
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For this beautiful beginning of summer 2018, les Hauts de Palette is traveling to Lisbon. Join us on Monday 4th, 18th or 25th of June for a delightful evening of relaxation and discovery. We will welcome you for this unique experience centred around French wine, Portuguese product and European cuisine.

Portuguese wine is amazing. But sometimes you need some variations to appreciate it even more. Get ready to experience tannins from beyond the Iberian peninsula match with local fresh products.


You will taste 4 different quality wines from Bordeaux region. Each wine will be paired with a generous dish made of fresh and seasonal products and cooked by our talented rising chef Linus.


We restricted the access to this event as the space is small. You can therefore expect a warm, ideal environment to share your passion for food and wine around an intimate collective of friends, professionals and connoisseurs.


As a unique experience and to make sure you have the best time ever, you will be in charge of charging yourself. You will be entitled to price your dinner according to your experience and what seems fair for you. That means you can only be satisfied.

You just have to register online and put a deposit of 35€ that will be refunded once you show up at the event. Places are very limited so don’t lose the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience.

Wine lovers and other foodies, Get ready to rediscover Bordeaux wine, paired with a lot of good vibes.

Les Hauts de Palette ( is a familial wine producer since 1859 and the main wine sponsor behind this event. In 1962, Florent’ grand pa bought Chateau Haut Mondain, a wine domain in Bordeaux in his early 20’s. With more than 60 years of experience, he is still today making sure the wine remain amazing. You can learn more here:

A unique experience requires a unique place. @Sociedade is a creative gastronomic studio. Specialized in pairing these two amazing concepts together, we had no choice but to organize this type of events here. You can learn more here:

@Linus is a Talented Chef from Germany with over 5 years experience in haute cuisine. He is now living in Lisboa and put all of his passion, experience and love into sustainable, local and tasty food. Follow him on instagram @sunil95linus for more insights.

@Florent is an entrepreneur and a creativity lover. Born and raised in Bordeaux vineyard but now living in Lisbon, he is passionate about the healthy creative juice and the natural ice breaker that represents Wine. He helps his family spread the good and hard work and try to make his grandpa proud. You can learn more about him here: