Sat, Apr 25 · 9:00

Hosted by Defend ME, this course will present comprehensive instruction in the critical skills of using a folding knife as a personal-defense tool and practical unarmed defenses against edged-weapon attacks.

In day one of this course, Michael Janich will present detailed instruction in the logic and core skills of the Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system, including:

-Recognizing common street attacks and programming effective defensive responses
-Defensive knife selection
-Knife carry options
-High-speed knife deployment
-Efficient cutting dynamics
-Quantifying the destructive capacity of the knife
-Vulnerabilities of human anatomy
-The myths and realities of knife stopping power
-MBC’s “go-to” tactics and critical skills

Day 1 will also include a bonus evening session highlighting joint lock techniques for self-defense.

Day 2 will focus on Janich’s Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) system of empty-hand defenses against attacks with knives and other common street weapons. It will include detailed, hands-on instruction in the following topics:

-The characteristics of typical knife attacks
-Dispelling the myths of the “21-foot rule”
-Realistic unarmed defenses against common knife and impact-weapon attacks
-Fundamentals of in-fight weapons access and “earning your draw”
-Transitioning from unarmed skills to other weapons
-Total skill integration and contextual applications

This information-packed two-day course will be held at the Holiday Inn, 300 Woodbury Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801. To register, contact Defend ME at