Sun, Feb 02
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The Alpincenter is located on the A24 between Hamburg and Berlin. Take the Wittenburg exit, follow the road (L04), and after about 2km turn left into the street 'Zur Winterwelt'. 


The nearest train station is Hagenow Land, linked directly to Hamburg. From there you will be able to catch a bus to Wittenburg.

Alternatively, nearby city Schwerin can be reached by rail from a number of major cities including Berlin, Frankfurt and Hanover. From Schwerin, a bus to Wittenburg will take around 45 minutes.


Hamburg is the closest major airport. From there, travel into the city centre and catch a train to Hagenow from the Central Station. You will then be able to catch a bus from Hagenow to Wittenburg.

You can attend the festival if you are over 16. However those under 18 will need to be accompanied by a designated adult, who must complete this form.