Sat, May 02 · 18:30

Twenty years ago, a hundred and fifty Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan were resettled in the Boston area. This group of refugees was unique among all the refugees and immigrants who have come to this country. They were boys and girls, most in their teens or early twenties, whose families and communities had been destroyed in a genocidal conflict in their home country, which had sent an exodus of children into the East African savannahs and deserts searching for safety. Eventually the surviving "lost children" had come to rest in a UN sponsored refugee camp in Kenya. The United States State Department had found them there and brought almost 4000 to America, one hundred and fifty to Boston.

In our city and suburbs volunteers came together to help these youngsters find their way through the mysteries and challenges of modern life. These volunteers formed a non-profit, South Sudanese Enrichment for Families (originally The Sudanese Education Fund) to support them in their quest for education, jobs, housing, health care, and other necessities of life. In time, marriages and the birth of children changed the demographics. SSEF now focuses its efforts on early childhood education and family support.

SSEF is now twenty years old. We have helped many Lost Boys and Girls go to college and graduate school. But the community still faces hardships as new Americans in a tough environment. More than anything, all the families are striving to see that their children are equipped to succeed amidst the myriad challenges of life here. We celebrate 20 years of working together with a Gala fundraiser featuring traditional South Sudanese dancing, art, and monologue performances. There will also be a silent auction, with unique prizes featured representing both South Sudanese and American culture. All proceeds from the Gala will benefit four of SSEF's robust programs; the Preschool Program, Summer Camp, the Bridges Program, and the Women's Project.

General Admission: USD 175.0

Venue Name: Levin Ballroom at Brandeis University

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