Mon, Jan 21 · 9:00

'Staging Magic - The Story Behind The Illusion' celebrates the history of magical literature and the world’s most loved magic tricks from 16th to early 20th century‬.

The exhibition, with accompanying events, takes people on a journey of the world’s greatest magicians, such as Houdini, Harry Price and David Devant, and the magic books that influenced them. The exhibition explores the staging of classic tricks such as pulling rabbits out of hats, sawing women in half and dismembered talking heads, right through to cigarette box magic tricks and parlour magic. Discover how sleight of hand and illusions staged in top theatres have been used to create mystery and entertainment in society and how it transferred to the home and even to the Tommies fighting in the trenches of WWI.

‪FREE - 4th floor, Senate House

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