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Data-driven information tends to speak to people's intellect - while stories stir their imagination and reach their feelings.

That's what makes stories such a powerful tool to engage and motivate.

Storytelling will help you deliver your business messages in more compelling ways.

It will help you communicate with passion and to engage directly with peoples' feelings.

We will equip you with the skills and confidence to use the power of storytelling in business.

Course Objectives:

The Power of Storytelling
Discover Your Innate Ability
De-Mystify Telling a Story
Bring Facts and Figures Alive
Storytelling Techniques
Creating a Compelling Narrative
How to Structure a Story
Making Presentations Dynamic
Creating Buy-In
Storytelling Elements
Opportunities to Practice

What Our Delegates Say:

"I can say that I've been using and encouraging others to use more pausing as well as encouraging them to use more storytelling for purposes of creating a personal connection and engagement."

Bryan D. Bullock - Senior Advisor - BD Medical

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