Sat, Aug 17 · 19:00

Join us for a yummy evening of exploring your body, sensuality and expression in the form of DANCE.

Sasha Rose Love and Deva Presence will get you started with a fun exercise to activate and awaken your sensual self. Swahe will keep you moving with his sensual, ecstatic beats. Flow to the beat of your heart and soul.

Opening Music starts at 7:00, Opening Circle at 7:30 No shoes, no phones, no chit-chat on the Dancefloor :)
Plenty of free parking on-site!
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About us:
Joshua ~ DJ Swahe ~ has led Ceremonial Cacao Dances at the Global Eclipse in Oregon, Envision Festival, Cosmic Convergence, and many other Ecstatic Dances around the world. This will be his first dance back in Austin after and Alaskan + European Tour.~Musical Vibes~

Sasha Rose Love is an Intimacy and Relating Coach, Energetic Healer and the Ultimate Sensationalist! She shares the skills, practices, and techniques that have helped her overcome deeply ingrained limiting beliefs such as sexual shame, lack of self-confidence and worth, the martyr mama and childhood neglect and abuse. Combining her years of study in trauma recovery, professional cuddling, somatic sexual healing, shamanism, women's reproductive health, midwifery, conscious parenting, herbalism, and cranial sacral therapy.

After nearly a decade of study and practice, I have finally unraveled the secrets to being a multi-orgasmic lover. Working with Master Mantak Chia and being the principle on Master Lover with Ananda Sarita, I have a world of experience to share with you. visit: for more.


Tantra Ecstatic Dance: USD 21.0

Artists / Speakers: Deva Presence, DJ Swahe