Fri, Aug 09 · 9:00

The International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) was established in 1903 as an umbrella organisation for different Associations of Anatomy from around the globe. The goal of the IFAA is to facilitate the collaboration between associations of anatomists by encouraging scientific, technological, educational and administrative exchanges among anatomists worldwide. The IFAA provides a platform for scientific debate, advancement of teaching and biomedical research in the anatomical disciplines and a venue for discussions on the development of core syllabuses, educational and biomedical research, ethics, equality and diversity in the anatomical sciences and other relevant issues.

Principal Topics of the Congress

Anatomical techniques / embalming
Anatomical variation
Anatomy and the law
Anatomy education
Anatomy of aging
Art and anatomy
Biomechanics / musculoskeletal anatomy
Cellular and molecular anatomy
Clinical / surgical anatomy
Digital anatomy
Embryology / developmental biology
Evolutionary anatomy
Ethics and anatomy
Forensic anatomy
History of anatomy / museums / collections
Microscopic anatomy
Neuroanatomy / neuroscience
Radiological anatomy
Physical and palaeo anthropology
Tissue engineering
Veterinary and comparative anatomy


Early Bird registration: GBP 400.0,
Late registration: GBP 500.0,
Early Bird student registration: GBP 200.0,
Late student registration: GBP 300.0