Sat, Mar 28 · 10:00

In today’s busy and stimulus-driven world, many are realising that happiness gained through material wealth & development of our physical world is short-lived. We jump from one desire to the next, one job, partner, home, car to the next, but find we’re still unsatisfied. While modern science and material development can alleviate physical ailments, it will never be able to cure an unhappy and uncontrolled mind.

Meditation shows us that our long held belief that happiness depends on external circumstances alone is false, and to achieve long-term happiness, we must access the bountiful resources found within our own mind. 

This course, drawing on practical experience of meditation and ancient Buddhist wisdom, will pave the way to overcoming everyday human problems and achieving lasting happiness. You will discover how it is possible to experience genuine happiness every day, regardless of our circumstances, with the joy you’ve sought having only been a few meditative minutes away.