Sat, Oct 19, 2019 · 10:00

Do you feel called to teach, but don't have any idea how to prepare yourself to offer satsang? Are you tired of patterns of suffering that seem to re-emerge event after the most profound moments of awakening and realization?

The Clear Way Mastery Course provides you with radical long-term support for your spiritual evolution-the direct discovery of the lasting happiness of your eternal nature. It is not your ordinary retreat or workshop-it is a mastery course that represents the highest teaching designed for those who want to end life-times of suffering.

The teaching offered by Kosi in this program is based in the sacred practices of self-inquiry, meditation, and the mantra as well as many other modalities that provide radical support for your own direct realization of the indescribable bliss that you are in the core of your being.

Two Week Long Retreats
Online Community
24/7 Support Directly from Kosi
Online Satsangs for Ongoing Support
The Core Practices Essential for Liberation
Many Different Modalities to Support Your Spiritual Evolution

If you want to join group of people who are committed to freedom and are deeply called to make difference in their lives and the lives of others, this program provides a continuous and long term support.

If you are unable to attend both of the week long retreats it is possible to attend the Autumn retreat this October and participate for one year in the online meetings. This gives you an opportunity to see for yourself if this teaching provides the kind of support that resonates with you. Part of the beauty of the Clear Way is you are part of a group committed to diving deep into the heart of freedom. Making this one year commitment to yourself and the group is a powerful support for what can be a challenging process.

Price listed is for one retreat option
Monthly Payment options available.
Reasonable Food and Accommodation options are available - not include in price.
Please email for more info


Autumn Retreat Option: CHF 795.00
Annual Tuition (two retreats): CHF 1495.00

Artists / Speakers: Kosi

Venue Name: Lonay Retreat Center