Thu, Sep 24, 2020 · 9:00

A shopping event to meet 150 amazing creators, discover trendy fashion collections and accessories, sustainable home goods, natural cosmetics, healthy groceries, vegan delicatessen and much more.

In addition to our regular popular brands, a wild range of new products and services, and their designers, will be present.

Since 2014, the Hope Fair has been offering alternatives to Bangkok shoppers with ethical, environmental, or social concerns.

Expect to see organic, local and fair-trade SMEs & entrepreneurs putting their heart into their business. Every product has a story, and every choice has an impact.

Also, at each of our events, all the vendors donate to the kids of the slums of Bangkok through the Mercy Centre. With the donations made at the September 24th event, the Hope Fair community will support the renovation of the Landin Preschool and improve the daily comfort of the 116 children enrolled there.

You are invited to bring your donation: unused shoes or clothes, household items, etc. The foundation will collect them onsite to redistribute them to the ones in need.

Come join us for this event, be a responsible consumer, and have fun at our prestigious venue!