Sat, Apr 18 · 19:00

These set of lectures is designed to provide important updates in emergency medicine with a focus on anticoagulation and the management of venous thromboembolism as well as bleeding emergencies that may occur in patients on new oral anticoagulants as well as those that present with bleeding peri-procedure. In addition, the relationship between patient safety indicators and quality metrics are discussed both as a separate lecture but also as a theme throughout other lectures - for example, how to approach fluid resuscitation in the context of changing sepsis core measures.

Opioids are commonly used for pain and opioid rotations are necessary in 20-40% of patients on opioid therapy because of side effects or lack of response. The next generation of conversion metrics will involve opioid utility which looks at risks versus benefits. Knowing opioid equianalgesia is critically important and utility will help clinicians choose safer opioids. Certain opioids, such as nalbuphine and buprenorphine are finding a niche in pain management and it is important that clinicians know the pharmacology and clinical advantages to both. Methadone dosing has changed and the way it is being used has also been changed and levorphanol is making a come back. A major issue that has arisen recently is whether cannabinoids should be combined with opioids or gabapentin with opioids. Knowing the pros and cons of these combinations will improve pain management

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Physicians, Attorneys, Psychologists, Pharmacists,: USD 895.0,
Physician Assistants: USD 695.0,
Nurse Practitioners: USD 695.0,
NUrses, Students and Others: USD 495.0

Speakers: Jason W. Wilson, MD, MA, FACEP, Mellar Davis, MD, FCCP, FAAHPM

Venue Name: Norwgian Cruise Line's Pride of America Cruise Ship