Thu, Jan 23 · 13:45

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the European Association for the Study of the Liver, we are delighted to welcome you in Athens to attend the EASL monothematic conference “Translational research in viral hepatitis: Addressing the gaps for cure”.

This event will focus on translational aspects of viral hepatitis research with the aim of bridging research at the bench with clinical investigation and applications. The program will focus on chronic HBV and HCV infections, but also on HDV and HEV infections, with special emphasis on new developments in the fields of viral replication, pathogenesis, immunology, cohort studies, and application to new therapeutic approaches to cure these infections.

Young scientists are particularly encouraged to participate and will have the opportunity to present their original results during a specific devoted session.

The format is intended to generate active interactions and discussions between basic scientists and clinicians, and to foster future collaborative efforts to better understand the pathogenesis of these viral infections, identify novel biomarkers and antiviral targets, and to improve patient management.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this conference and have a great time in Athens.

With warm regards,

Prof. Darius Moradpour - Prof. Robert Thimme - Prof. Fabien Zoulim

- Molecular biology of hepatitis viruses
- Immunobiology of hepatitis viruses
- Virus-induced pathogenesis
- Translational research in viral hepatitis
- Novel discoveries to cure viral hepatitis


EASL member early fee: EUR 300.0,
EASL member regular fee: EUR 450.0,
Non member early fee: EUR 450.0,
Non member regular fee: EUR 550.0