Exponential technologies and much more.

0. Registration 6:00-6:30

1.  Overview of the highlights of the SU Global Summit beginning of September in San Francisco: Rohan Roberts (GEMS), Paul Epping

2.  Shelters for disaster areas, SU Global Summit presentation by GEMS students

3.  Automatic detection of alcohol use before driving a car, SU Global Summit presentation by GEMS students

4.  Experiences of the Global Solution Program at the Singularity University, Silicon Valley. Razan Kharouf (winner of the Global Impact Competition MENA region)

5.  Use of AI in a medical app: Medicus. Baher Al Hakim, CEO Medicus

6.  Interview with Lara Matousian and Rohan Roberts about Burning Man 2017, Interviewer: Paul Epping  

7.  Wrapping up and next steps SU Chapter: Paul Epping

8.  Closing