Fri, Nov 08, 2019 · 10:00

The museum collection features motorcycles, airplanes and local history related to Glenn Curtiss, one of America's most important aviation pioneers. Curtiss was a mechanical genius and began building robust and reliable motorcycles and engines in the early 1900s. Soon his intellect and ability turned to the question of flight and his airplanes and seaplanes became famous helping to win WWI and WWII.

First Across! Celebrating the Centennial of US Navy and Curtiss NC4 Airplanes Transatlantic Flight

Come and see the new temporary exhibit about the US Navy's efforts to cross the Atlantic Ocean by air. First Across! details in stunning visuals and first-hand accounts the efforts of Glenn Curtiss and the US Navy in designing and successfully completing the first trans-Atlantic flight in 1919. If you have not been to the Curtiss in a while make a day of it and after you museum tour visit shops, eateries and wineries/breweries all around Keuka Lake.
First Across! is supported by the Corning Foundation.


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