Fri, Dec 13, 2019 · 19:00

It is a period of WAR. Guided by the treacherous Thane of Cawdor, allied forces of Ireland and Norway have invaded the Republic of Scotland and are preparing for battle outside the Capital. General Macbeth, the Thane of Glamis, and his long time friend Banquo, are preparing to lead Scotland's forces against the threat of King Duncan's reign and the Republic. Meanwhile, Lady Macbeth has obtained an old HOLOCRON and plans to use the power within the relic to give her husband the life he has always dreamed...

This performance will be held at the BCIT Medford Performing Arts Center on Friday December 13th at 7pm and Saturday December 14th at 2pm. Tickets can be purchased at:


Assigned seating: USD 8.0

Artists / Speakers: The BCIT Academy of Performing Arts