Fri, Nov 08, 2019 · 18:00

Complete with five venues/pubs hosting wizard themed stops (Wizard Registry, Badger's Burrow, Snake's Pit, Lion's Den and Eagle's Nest), this fun and interactive event will offer exclusive, magical themed shots (for registered attendees), photographers, a House Points contest (via Colored Event Badges) and much more! FREE WAND - more information at (21+). WIZARD REGISTRY is at Diesel Filling Station from 6-10pm on Nov. 8th. Consider making it a two-night wizard weekend with adding the WIZARD'S BALL to you agenda - info. at with a COMBO ticket option available which will get the ticket holder access to BOTH events.


RED HOUSE: Lions: USD 25.0,
COMBO - RED HOUSE: Lions (Wizard Prom and Wizard Pub Crawl): USD 35.0,
YELLOW HOUSE: Badgers: USD 25.0,
COMBO - YELLOW HOUSE: Badgers (Wizard Prom and Wizard Pub Crawl): USD 35.0,
BLUE HOUSE: Eagles: USD 25.0,
COMBO - BLUE HOUSE: Eagles (Wizard Prom and Wizard Pub Crawl): USD 35.0,
GREEN HOUSE: Snakes: USD 25.0,
COMBO - GREEN HOUSE: Snakes (Wizard Prom and Wizard Pub Crawl): USD 35.0

Venue Name: Diesel Filling Station (Wizard Registry)