Mon, Jun 15 · 9:00

World Oncology and Cancer Science Summit 2020

15 Jun 2020 - 16 Jun 2020 • Dublin, Ireland                                                                  

The ONCOLOGISTS CONGRESS 2020 is scheduled for June 15, 16 2020 in Dublin, Ireland. Oncologists Congress 2020 invites all the participants from all over the world which includes prompt Keynote talks, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Sponsor Ships and Exhibitions. The aim of this conference is “Amalgamation of innovations in cancer treatment”.Oncologists Congress 2020 is comprised of many interactive scientific sessions as well as various diagnostic and therapeutic advancements in cancer. It is an initiative to unite the diverse research and business communities working in this field under a one roof to explore every single aspect of oncology.


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  • Field Of Oncology
  • Cancer & Stem Cell Therapy
  • Cancer Cell Biology & Genetics
  • Clinical Research On Oncology
  • Cancer Metastasis
  • Clinical Oncology
  • Biology And Cancer
  • Oncology Surgical.

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