Tue, Dec 03, 2019 · 13:00

The World Rail Festival is a world-class event that brings together over 200 world-class global public transport operator speakers to Amsterdam. We attract over 900 attendees to hear about the latest innovations in the industry.

The conference of the World Rail Festival features speakers from the most forward-thinking rail, bus, and urban mobility operators, as well as outside in presentations from relevant industries such as aviation, banking and retail.

With six streams, the agenda covers everything from digital transformation and competition to revenue management. The programme will explore how technology and strategies are changing throughout the entire global transport industry.


World-Class Speakers

Roger Van Boxtel, CEO, NS
Alexandra Van Huffelen, CEO, GVB
Roberto Rinaudo, CEO, Thello
Gianbattista La Rocca, CEO, Italo
Mats Johannesson, CEO, MTR Express
Torkel Patterson, Member of the Board, Japan Central Railway Company
Jaap Bierman, CEO, HTM Personenvervoer
Sovan Shatpathy, CTO, Amtrak
Vania Ribeiro, CDO, RATP
Arne Fosen, CEO and Director Passenger Rail, Vy
Mars Geuze, Co-Founder and Commercial Director, Hardt Hyperloop
Fabien Soulet, CEO, TGV Lyria
Scott Goldie, CEO, Napa Valley Wine Train
Annemarie Meyer, CEO, Glacier Express
Agnes Bernot, Head of Digital Operations, Deutsche Bahn
Danilo Gismondi, CIO, Trenitalia
Laurent Bellan, CIO, Eurostar
Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl, CFO, Postbus Austria
Egle Radvile, CTO, City of Vilnius
Peder Osterkamp, CCO, MTR Express
John Sullivan, CIO, Virgin Trains
Robertus Laan, President, Jungfrau Tours
Annika Nordbo, Head of Data and Analytics, VR Group
Helmut Mochel, GM, Eurasia Trains
Fredrik Blomberg, Chief Revenue Officer, MTR Express
Robin Svaricek, COO, Leo Express


Brochure: https://go.evvnt.com/521731-2?pid=5731

Standard - Final Price: EUR 2345.00
Rail Operator - Final Price: EUR 625.00

Speakers: Roger Van Boxtel, CEO, NS, Gianbattista La Rocca, CEO, NTV, Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl, CFO, Postbus Austria, Alexandra Van Huffelen, CEO, GVB, Torkel Patterson, Member of the Board, Central Japan Railway Company, Arne Fosen, CEO, Vy