Fri, Nov 16, 2018 · 7:30


Attaining the purest form of yogic knowledge is the ultimate dream of a yogi and Shwaasa school of Yoga aspires to deliver the same with its celebrated program Yoga teacher training in Bangalore. Commence your journey to the world of yoga and reach the epitome of this holistic enlightenment while you come in the vicinity of honorable Shwaasa Guru.

Event Description: With Shwaasa’s 200 Hour and 300 hour Yoga teacher training in India, it is a fine opportunity for all the Yoga aspirants to master the ancient science in its traditional form. Along with the ancient knowledge, the training takes you through the path of self-discovery and personal development with the sacred teachings of Yoga.

Event Highlights:

● Learn about the basics of yoga starting from the origin of this sacred practice to its history.
● Enlighten yourself with the principles and ethics of a yogi’s life and implement the same in your life to bask under the spiritual light of Yoga.
● The training follows the traditional aspect of Yoga with the teachings of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Karma Yoga, etc. in detail.
● Get acquainted with various kinds of Yoga asanas, their benefits as well as the human anatomical structure so as to know how the asanas affect different parts of the body.
● Develop a thorough understanding of the yogic way of life through Shwaasa Guru’s teachings of ancient yogic texts like Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagwad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, etc.
● Introduction to pranic force and the breath-based Pranayama Yoga is an integral part of the curriculum where you learn about the role of respiration in the human body.
● Meditation practice of peace and serenity for garnishing the mind with immense calmness.
● Study adjustment and alignment theories to avoid any sort of injury while delving into realm of Yoga poses.
● Be part of self-practice sessions under the Teaching Methodology classes and understand the responsibilities and roles of a yoga teacher.
● Understand the basics of Ayurveda.
● Education of Shat Kriyas - the yogic way of internal purification.

Food and Accommodation

Shwaasa’s Yoga TTC program is an opportunity to relish delectable delicacies prepared by our team of Ayurveda-expert chefs. Nourish your soul with three-time sattvic meals to fulfill the demand of energy by the mind and body getting trained. Living in a room that is adorned with all the basic facilities and opens to the superb greenery is quite an amazing feeling. The rooms are spacious and airy giving aspirants the comfort of self-practicing Yoga in a healthy atmosphere.

About Shwaasa:

Shwaasa Yoga, based in Bangalore, is a prominent Yoga center in India. Following the guidance of Sri Vachananda Ji, popularly known as Shwaasa Guru by his followers, the Yogshala aims to create a harmonious community by spreading the teachings and practices of Yoga. Along with Yoga TTC, the Yoga center conducts many other Yoga events such as Spiritual retreats, Kung-Fu Yoga retreats, Corporate Yoga retreats, etc.