Sat, Nov 16, 2019 · 10:00

A regular Yoni Egg Practice is good for maintaining pelvic floor health, leads to more sensation in your entire vulva nerve network, and makes for better more fulfilling sex for you and your partner. The GREAT news is that it's also SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Regular Yoni Egg Practice benefits not only your sexual life but your entire life.

As Naomi Wolf States in Vagina:

"Once one understands what scientists at the most advanced laboratories and clinics around the world are confirming - that the vagina and the brain are essentially one network, or "one whole system," as they tend to put it, and that the vagina mediates female confidence, creativity, and sense of transcendence - the answers to many of these seeming mysteries fall into place."

In this workshop you'll learn about Reflexology points in the vagina that you can stimulate with your yoni egg, the nerve pathways that bring sexual energy to the brain; and how having a foundational relationship with yourself sexually increases your confidence, helps you tap into your body's innate intuition and make choices from your center (plus how to hear what your body is telling you.)

You'll also come away learning the spiritual properties of the stones you've chosen and how to clear the energy of the egg on a regular basis.

Live Class Early Bird (Limited): USD 75.0,
Live Class Regular Ticket: USD 95.0,
Online Digital Copy + Yoni Egg (shipped to you): USD 105.0,
Online Digital Copy of Class Only: USD 55.0,
Join by video Zoom: USD 75.0

Venue Details: Sanctuary of Bliss, TBD, St Petersburg, 33707, United States