Tue, Apr 07 · 18:00

Get "spaced out" and prepare for a social, educational, and artistic celebration of humanity's first steps into the "final frontier."

It was April 12, 1961 when Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was shot into space completing one lap around the Earth and firing the imagination of humans around the world. Looking back since that day, we've landed humans on the moon, explored the outer reaches of the solar system, and are talking about the possibility of a real "warp" drive-currently under study at NASA-- that could one day take us to the stars.

So make plans to join us for an evening of fun and exploration featuring real astrophysicists, rocket scientists and astronomers. On tap for the evening are special speakers talking about our future in space, short videos featuring current and future missions to the beyond, and outdoor telescope views of night sky favorites put on by members of the New Hampshire Astronomical Society. Those who come appropriately dressed for a "spacetacular" evening will get a special memento to remember the night.

General Admission: USD 10.00

Artists / Speakers: Kelly Beatty, senior editor of Sky and Telescope Magazine; John Gianforte, director of the UNH Observatory; Tony Rogers, UNH doctoral candidate specializing in space plasma physics; and Mark Granoff, former UNH senior research project engineer for the UNH Space Center